FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


* What kind of deed does one get in St. Martin / St. Maarten?

There are three types of deed transfers on the Dutch side: fee simple, government long lease and private long lease each of which is transferable without capital gains tax on the dutch side. French side only fee simple.

* What about Title Searches, etc.?

All title searches, contract work and closing procedures associated with a property purchase are carried out by a European civil notary who will guarantee your title and will not transfer unless free and clear. They will also be responsible for registering mortgages and deeds with the land registry also known as kadaster on the Dutch side of St. Maarten.

* Are there Real Estate taxes on St. Martin / St. Maarten?

Closing costs will include transfer taxes – approximately 5 to 6% on the dutch side and 10.5 % on the french side. French side st. Martin is subject to mainland french taxation but on Dutch side st. Maarten, there are no annual Real Estate taxes at all. Rental properties will incur income taxes and turnover tax though most of these are deductible such as maintenance costs.

* What if I do not plan to live in my property year round?

If you are planning to use your property only during certain periods of the year, you have the option of renting it out as a vacation rental to obtain added income. In these cases, your Real Estate Agent will act as the property manager in your absence overseeing all aspects of your property maintenance, protection and payment of bills etc.

* What about decorating / furnishing my property?

The least of your worries! St. Martin /St. Maarten boasts some highly talented international interior designers and has some wonderful home decor stores with furniture imported from around the world. Ask one of the Remax Elite agents to get You in touch with the right persons and companies.

* Can I get financing in St. Martin / St. Maarten?

Financing is available if You qualify under local bank requirements on either the Dutch or the French side of the island.

* Can anyone own Real Estate in St. Martin / St. Maarten?

Residential and commercial properties are available to foreigners on both French and Dutch sides of the island and you do not have to be residents to purchase. Investors may also take the option to purchase land for future development. Purchasers are protected by the laws of the EU, France and St. Maarten (Country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands).

* How does the purchase procedure goes to work?

Our listed Luxury Real Estate Properties can be purchased through the agent who listed the property. Simply fill out the form on the right hand side next to the property on a property page. Or dial the number of the agent, which shows up on the right side of the page as well.

* I am a Real Estate Developer, how can I get my projects listed?

If You are interested in getting involved with Remax Elite and getting Your new projects listed among our other listings, please contact info@remax-sxm.com

* How to get my property listed at Remax Elite?

If You are interested in getting Your property or properties listed as for sale on our website, you can contact one of our agents. They will help You to get your property or properties listed and get it sold.

* What is a Luxury Real Estate Property?

A Luxury Real Estate Property or Luxury Home is generally defined as a property priced within the top 5-10% of any given real estate market. In most markets that is a home of value of more than one million US Dollars and/or a home that may have an exclusive and unique quality or distinct feature that makes it outstanding in the luxury home and luxury real estate marketing market.

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